Antifatigue mats

Working on your feet all day can become incredibly tiring, and it can take a physical toll on your body. If you’re looking for a way to sooth those aches and pains, then anti fatigue mats could be just what you need. Whether you’re in a factory or an office, everyone can benefit from our custom anti fatigue mats. You’ll have happier, healthier employees, and you’ll see an increase in productivity to match!

Wet Area Anti Fatigue Mats

It’s one thing to be on your feet all day, but it’s much harder to stay safe when you’re constantly standing on slippery surfaces.

Dry Area Anti Fatigue Mats

If your employees are always on their feet, chances are they could benefit from dry area anti fatigue mats.

If you’re hoping to reduce pain and fatigue, mats can be incredibly helpful. They provide a cushion for your feet to stand on, which removes the pressure from your legs and back. This stimulates blood flow, which will help your muscles relax and will prevent body aches. With an anti fatigue mat, you’ll even find it easier to maintain proper posture, thanks to the firm softer support for your feet and legs.

You won’t just feel better either – our range of anti fatigue matting will improve productivity across the workplace. By removing the tension from the body, your employees will be able to work in comfort. Once they are free from soreness and pain, they’ll be able to concentrate on their duties without any distractions, they can complete their work to a higher standard.  

With so many applications, anti fatigue mats in Melbourne are ideal for any business. Factories and manufacturing plants are often the first places that come to mind when people think of workers on their feet all day. Industrial anti fatigue mats can be incredibly useful here – not only are they providing a soft surface for standing on, they can also be grease proof and anti-static for a safer workplace. Hospitals, commercial kitchens and retail areas also require staff to spend hours at a time standing whilst they work. In fact, it isn’t unusual for office workers to forgo the traditional desk chair in favour of healthier adjustable desks. Though they may not notice at the time, they often finish their days work tired and sore.

If you work in an environment where you or your employees are constantly on their feet, then consider investing in quality matting. You’ll see a huge improvement in productivity and overall health and wellbeing.